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Linux vs Windows Hosting - Which one should i choose and why?

The correct criteria to use for deciding whether to go with a Windows web hosting package or a Linux one has nothing to do with your current system. Rather, you should decide on the basis on what your website needs.

Do You Need ASP or .NET or Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server?

Basically, the question is, does your website rely on Windows-specific technologies like ASP, or .NET or Microsoft Access, or Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)? Note that we are not asking whether you need these technologies on your own computer, but whether your website has to directly execute ASP or .NET code, or directly access Microsoft Access or MSSQL databases. If so, it's more convenient to get a Windows web hosting package. If you need to use these Windows-specific web technologies, there're really fewer headaches if you simply use a Windows web host.

Do You Need PHP, Perl, WordPress, Blogging Software, MySQL, etc?

For the person just who wants to set up a blog, or sell things with a shopping cart, or just create a straightforward websites and don't have any special requirements, you might find it easier to use a Linux-based host, that is, a web hosting package that uses Linux operating system. The majority of free and commercial software that run on websites, be it blogging programs or shopping carts, assume a Linux-based system and run smoothly out-of-the-box on one.

For the person who specifically needs PHP, Perl or a MySQL database, I also think that you will also find it easier if you get a Linux hosting plan. Although PHP, Perl and MySQL can also run on Windows machines, things don't work quite the same way as they do on the Linux-based systems. As such, PHP/Perl scripts (ie, programs) that you download from the Internet sometimes have to be modified to accommodate the differences of them running under Windows.

When it comes to Web hosting, Linux is widely considered to be the best operating system for web servers. Characteristically reliable, stable and efficient, Linux is proven in the most demanding environments of web and mail servers.

The bottom line is, for those who hate to read long explanations, if you need to use Windows-specific technologies like ASP, .NET, MSSQL or Access on your website, it's probably easier to get a Windows web hosting package. In all other cases, including the situation where you have no idea what "ASP, .NET, MSSQL or Access" means, I personally feel that your life will be easier if you get a Linux based hosting.

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