A 10-point checklist to choosing your right web design partner


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Whether you are about to setup a new website for you/your organisation or you
are in the process of upgrading one, it is imperative that you take time to
select your right web design partner company. It not only will aid your business
image online, but also save you from common hassles that you might face, since
you would be interacting with them on a very regular basis.

For your assistance, I have compiled a few pointers below that will help you
make the right decision. Hope they are helpful.

  • Know What You Want, viz. Clarity
    The first step is to come to a decision as to what you need in your website.
    The more clear your requirement is, the better the final output. This gives
    clarity to you as well as to the web design company and helps achieve the
    final goals better. A design company cannot do a good job if you are not
    sure about the needs and if you keep changing your mind once you start.
  • Read and Research a little is helpful
    Just because someone is using a lot of web techno jargons, does not mean
    they are experts. Do some (not much) reading online about what website
    design is all about. That way, you will be better equipped to evaluate the
    web design company’s ability. You will also not end up signing up for things
    that you might not need.
  • Take a look at the design company’s own website.
    If the website of the company you are considering to give your project
    is not up to the mark, has spelling mistakes, alignment is missing and is
    generally unappealing, then there are chances that your website may not turn
    out great.
  • Check Past Portfolio
    You can get a decent idea about the web design company’s quality, if you
    see their past completed projects. If a company is not willing to share
    this, you know that something’s wrong.
  • Check the Pricing
    As the job is a creative one, it does not carry a fixed price tag. The rates
    vary company to company, based on their experience, size, processes, value
    provided, etc.However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a rough idea. Talk to a few
    other companies, send them your requirement (point #1) and ask them to
    quote. Once you go through a few, you get a reasonable idea of how the
    pricing works. Then, you can decide which one to go for based on your
    overall comfort ratio and the other points mentioned in this article. Please
    note, price alone should not be your criteria to decide or not decide on a
    web design company, look at the overall package – price, responsiveness,
    approach, experience, existing customers, etc
  • Talk to Past Clients
    A sure shot way to find out about the web design company, is to ask them for
    some reference of their existing customers and speaking to them. They might
    be listing some of their customers on the website or you can always ask them
    for a list. If they are reluctant to let you know about past clients, you
    know what it means.It is sometimes possible that you are talking to a very new company, where
    they might not have a list to share, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them
    a try. In which case evaluate the company on other factors and you can try
    them with a small project first and then grow gradually
  • Check if the Company is Up to Date with the latest
    The internet changes fast and so does its technologies. Though it is not
    really necessary to use the latest everytime, but some basic udpates are
    required, so that your website performs well across multiple devices. Check
    the same with the company.
  • Check their eagerness to getting you as a customer
    If you contact a design company, but, don’t get a response, you know you
    should look elsewhere. You should get a feeling that the company really
    wants to engage with you to design your website.
  • Process, Communication and Clarity
    Understand the process that the design company will follow from start to
    end. It is important that there is a clearly defined flow and expectations.
    Make sure things are put on record to negate any confusion going forward
  • Start Small and Grow
    It is a good idea to start with a small project with your newly selected web
    design company and once the rapport is built, you know you can engage for
    larger jobs. If you get what you want and you are happy, then you can be
    pretty sure that you can go a long way with the new partner.

Lastly, getting a new website up and running, that is functional and does the
job, is a challenging task in itself. Getting a good partner make the whole
process that much easier.

Take a little time to make yourself comfortable with the basics on choosing the
right design company. This will help the process to be as successful as

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